Designed to be transitory, transportable and transforming this experimental space was developed by the Field Research of Closed Cells class to be a structure that feels completely new and unknown. The design organically arose from studies of form, membrane properties and dialogue. Digital modeling and pattern-making were employed to push the boundaries of the chosen materials which are sturdy, reusable and ultimately recyclable. The industrial fan used to inflate the space is repurposed from the Dickinson Science Center. Sculpture Technician, John Umphlett MFA ‘99, faculty member, Guy Snover ‘06, and students Fae M. Blackmer ‘15, Douglas M Campo ‘16, Adrien J. de Mones ‘14, Alec W.C. Gear ‘15, Elizabeth F. Gombert ‘15, Alexander M Curth (Sandy) ‘16, Maren A. Johnson ‘15, Kevser A Kesici ‘16, Lily N Moore ‘16, Kevin P. Mulvey ‘16, Harlan M. Steed ‘16.

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